Why, my heart, does this have to be such a war?

You see two worlds, two loves, two lives

and yet you try to build a bridge between them.

They are two worlds, my heart,

and the bridge can’t be built.

Our languages are not the same, nor our futures;

maybe only our dreams float in same constellations.

Are dreams enough to hold up a bridge?

My heart, stop trying, stop flying, sit and wait out this war.

Listen, do you hear that voice?

I know what it means, but I don’t know the words.

You don’t know the language either,

And you can’t know that world if you’re not taught to speak it;

And who is there to teach you?

My heart, this is a war, and I am just one soldier, armored and invisible.

Stop your tears, your hopes, and let this all subside.

I tell you, my heart, there can be no bridge, it can’t be built.


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