Live and Love

I began a sketch of you nearly four years ago

when I picked up a pencil and drew half a profile,

topped with wild hair. And then I crumpled it

and threw it aside. I drew other faces with glasses

and bushy brows and round cheeks and thin lips

and as I drew I began to see you and came back

to the sketch I forgot. Erase, erase, shape the hair,

strengthen the cheekbones, the jaw, the nose,

add some sparkle to the eyes, a dusting of freckles,

smooth the lips, and make them smile. They smile

at me and I smile too and remember you always

how I see you now. I see you.

You breathe with me, I see with you, I draw,

I capture this moment. I can’t capture you

but I will try to do you justice.

This is what I see:

Brilliance– and wit, a mind methodic, playful,

and heart unashamed to cry, laugh, love

for it is honorable to live and love.


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