Update: (Untitled)

Recently I’ve come to notice that my poetry subject and style comes and goes in waves. I’ve recently been shying away from the darker, coarser scene and begun to write in a more melodic, romantic style.

Personally, I find this both a hindrance and an inspiration, but I suppose that goes for everything else too, and not just this poetical instance.

Anyhow, concerning my newest poem: It has no title, which is very unusual for me. It being nameless is not intentional, but for now I am at a loss to describe this whole poem in just a few words. Other than that the only other thing I might add, another thing which is also somewhat unusual, is that this poem has had very limited editing. Normally I write and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite till I’m so sick of what I’ve written that I nearly give up, but this one was nice to me, a rare phenomenon which I’d love to occur more often.


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