Beg You

Good afternoon, state your name, age, address

give me the nine digit code to your soul

check off all the boxes that may apply:

aching, tired, sick, ignorant, dying

Are you using blue or black ink?

Don’t step past the painted white line

read out loud the letters on the wall

slow down, please, and louder, I can’t hear you

No, line one again, please, not line two

Okay, thank you, you’re done, you can go

Please write down your name and why you’re here:

“Hi, I’m Marge. I’m an addict.”

For your own safety, and for the safety of others,

For god’s sake please just control yourself

“Hi Marge”, mumble, mumble, mumble

Now tell me what you think this looks like to you

Say anything, everything, I promise not to judge you

Now hear me out, because I think I know what’s wrong

Are you still listening? Pay attention.

Yes, that’s all, have a nice life.


Break me, beat me, enslave me, I beg you


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