Shh, close your eyes and listen to me tap tap taping

begging to get inside you, caress you, soothe you

Just let go and let me ease into your veins

So I can love you, hold you, consume you

Shh, close your mind and see me dance

Dancing behind your eyelids, a parade along the throat

and I’ll replace your blood with me,

I’ll be running through your heart

So I can haunt you,consume you, be you

Isn’t that what you wanted, isn’t that what you asked for

the first time you took me home? You were so eager.

Shh, close your heart and hear me laugh

I roar with delight over you, what I’ve made you

Such ignorance, such foolishness, that took you over

I took you over, and now you’re gone.


One thought on “Consumer

  1. i love the repetition of “shh”, and the line “Such ignorance, such foolishness, that took you over”, so good. from reading poems like this and listening to other people read, i’m starting to see a very interesting connection and divide between love and desire in writing. whether it was intentional or not, i think you described that divide VERY well here. always a please to read Kelsey

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