Although I have already written and posted the first section of my next project, “Memories”, an introduction and note to this piece are desperately needed. In time you will be brought into a multi-dimensional world that spans not just the physical present, but the remembrance of the past. I know how the inspiration of this idea came about, but I don’t know why; and for some reason it is important… From the moment we were conceived, and I am sure this speculation is widely accepted, we must have some sense of consciousness. In time we come to recognise things around us, and eventually we may put the pieces together to understand something as a whole. Later on, we recall those experiences, first with immediate clarity… but as time goes on, it becomes harder to remember details and at some point there comes a point when we will or can no longer bring back that experience. This phenomenon, the loss of a memory, the inability to recall an event, I find indescribably compelling. I have experienced this, as we all have, when someone asks, “Do you remember when…?”… and you cannot remember. I’ve seen this and felt this on a horrifically personal level, but it’s led me to wonder what we do with our memories as a collective society.  Or even simply individually: does a memory just dissolve within the mind and float away without our consent or recognition, or does it still reside within our brains, covered and locked, the hinges rusted and sealed? This is the concept I wish to explore with “Memories”; what do we know as humans from our past, what do we know individually, and how can we sustain these memories? They must be important, all of them to some degree, but why do they fade away, where do they go, and how do we keep them here to help us learn and grow?

One further note: I know the first section I have posted needs to be edited and reworked terribly, I was just so eager for the idea to be manifested that I simply just gave you what I had the moment it was done. It will be fixed and then I will update, so don’t criticize me too harshly on that.

6/11– Very first draft posted (Part 1).

6/22– First update with new intro (Part 1).


One thought on “Update:Memories

  1. I’m excited! You’re going to have to keep writing more of this piece, an soon. Agghhh, i can’t wait, haha. It’s a very interesting concept, and a great start to a work kelsey, keep it up.


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